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SRS Build Infographics


Welcome to the SRS Builds Database. All builds are displayed as infographics for quick easy reference. If you wish to view in more detail, save the image by right clicking on it and then bring it into your paint program to magnify.

Tutorial: How to make a ship build infographic

If you wish to have your build added to the database please submit it to Matt Johnson using the following email address:

The builds are located on Google Drive and this may be slow sometimes to load, please wait a few seconds for the database to load.

LATEST UPLOAD: World Razer BO Build

SRS Build Videos

Build Benchmarking

The only real way to gain a good benchmark for your build in STO is using Starbase 234. This video attempts to explain the most repeatable way of analysing your build using this method.

T6 Yamato Dreadnought

An old build now but one of our most popular build videos with over 16,000 views. Even though this build was made in 2015 it's still viable today and with a few small changes could be made to pull quite reasonable DPS.

T3 Heavy Cruiser basics

Sometimes it's fun to build a lower tier ship really well. Nothing like beating everyone in CCA with a T3 ship. This video also goes over some of the basics of Starship build design.

Klein Temporal Destroyer

The Klein Temporal Destroyer is a formidable opponent and a bit of a DPS king for cannon builds. Whilst not getting anywhere near EPG builds it's still a fun build for tearing up NPCs with cannons.

NX Escort Refit V3.0

The NX has proved itself to be a fine ship for both PvE and PvP. Here Matt Doody, one of our best PvPers, talks about setting up this great ship for PvP.

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