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SRS Events General Information

We run events daily, usually in the GMT 7pm - 11pm timezone, if we can get more events officers in the USA we will be able to run more missions around the clock.

Missions are called out in the SRS Armada Chat channel, you will see something like this in the channel:

ELITE: Bonus available :- Battle of Korfez - [Keyword=Triolic waves]


In order to take part you just type the key word in the chat channel, in this case you would type Triolic Waves.


Players are invited on a first come first served basis.




You may defer your position for another player, to do this add the suffix -D after the keyword. This way if there are more people than required for the TFO, those who have deferred will not be invited to the event and the next player in the list will take their place. Players who successfully defer will receive half the MRP of the person who replaced them. Here is an example:

ELITE: Bonus available :- Battle of Korfez - [Keyword=Triolic waves]

Bob@myaccount#1234 - Triolic waves -D

Alice@avon - Triolic Waves

Nero@TFRmaco - Triolic waves

markey@foxtrol#5362 - Triolic waves

Steve@blighty - Triolic waves

In the above case, the organiser needs four more to make a team of five but five players have attempted to join. So there would normally be no place for Steve. However Bob has deferred, so Steve will take Bob's place and Bob will receive half of Steve's score.


Scoring is based on various measurements taken from the combatlog parser. You don't need to know a lot about it but if you really want to know how the system works here are two explanatory videos which explain it.

Part 1

Part 2


The score will be posted in the chat after the event has been run, e.g.:

Battle of Korfez results - The Doctor-4197776, Einstein-4483467, Nero-4425786, Drew-4279815, Virgil-3879912, Deaths in team-0, Elite optionals complete - Bonus achieved

The score tells you what each player got, how many deaths were in the team and if the optional bonus objectives were met.

Optional Bonus Objectives

If all optional bonuses set by Cryptic are met then the bonus is applied, this is 100K MRP for Normal difficulty, 200K for Advanced difficulty and 500K for Elite difficulty.

If there are no optional objectives then the SRS Optional objective will come into effect, this will always be no deaths in the team.

Additional bonuses

Many additional bonuses can be earned by the addition of merit packs and merit consoles, please see the linked pages. These can be purchased with merits earned in the game by running our events, 1 merit per event, or by purchasing merits in bulk from the merit store.

See the calculation videos above for more information.

Event Calendar

The event calendar is updated weekly, you can click on an event to see what's coming up, often for details it will link to a news blog about the event.

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