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MRP Prizes 2022

We are delighted to announce the prizes for this year are as follows.

Grand Prize

Issued to the player with the highest score in the MRP leaderboard at the end of the year

27,600 Zen

This can be increased if the winner wants to wait for a Zen sale.


Note the winner will have to provide account details securely to Matt Johnson for a one-off purchase of the Zen on their account. Matt will pay for the Zen using his payment methods. This payment method will be used once and will not be stored on the winner's account.


You will need to communicate in real-time, ideally over discord, to make this work. If you don't feel comfortable releasing account information then an alternative Grand Prize of 2 Billion EC will be issued instead.

27600 zen.JPG

List of prizes

Grand prize for overall winner, 27.600 Zen *
1st Prize - 1,000,000,000 EC
2nd Prize - 750,000,000 EC
3rd Prize - 500,000,000 EC
4th Prize - 250,000,000 EC
5th Prize - 125,000,000 EC
6th Prize - 75,000,000 EC
7th Prize - 35,000,000 EC
8th Prize - 15,000,000 EC
9th - 20th Prize - 1 Master Key
21st to 30th Prize - Random Rewards

The prizes above are open to all players including CFOPS officers


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