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MRP Prizes 2023

We are delighted to announce the prizes for this year are as follows. This year prizes are going to be more inclusive for those players who don't make the top 5. There are chances that even those players in 15th place can win something huge. There has never been a better year to take part in MRP events and try to get into the top 15. Read on for the reasons why:

We have a prize fund of 4 Billion EC which will be split in the following way:

1st Prize - 1 Billion EC
2nd Prize - 500 Million EC
3rd Prize - 400 Million EC
4th Prize - 200 Million EC
5th Prize - 100 Million EC
6th Prize - 75 Million EC
7th Prize - 50 Million EC
8th Prize - 45 Million EC

9th Prize - 40 Million EC

10th Prize - 35 Million EC

11th Prize - 30 Million EC

12th Prize - 25 Million EC

13th Prize - 20 Million EC

14th Prize - 15 Million EC

15th Prize - 10 Million EC

In addition, these 15 players will go into three more prize draws to have a chance to win...

500 Million EC!


The draw will be made again to receive a T6 Starship Coupon!

The draw will be made one final time for the chance to win a Lobi Ship of your choice!




Can I potentially win first prize, the 500 million bonus, the lobi ship and the T6 coupon?

Yes, if you are very lucky!

Is this competition open to CFOPS and other Admin Staff?

Yes, everyone except the C in C

Can I choose something different?

Possibly, it would depend on what it is, as long as it's an ingame purchase it may be possible

What happens if one of the winners doesn't claim their prize?

Prizes need to be claimed by 31st January 2024 or they will be cancelled and added to the prize pot for 2024. Only in exceptional circumstances with prior notification can prizes be held for longer than this.

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