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SRS Freedom Fighters



The dragon, the great the vigilant and the wise creature from mythology, combined with a sword representing the will to fight. These mythic items combined show the purpose of this fleet. The dragon represents courage, strength and honour, the sword represents the continual struggle for freedom across the galaxy.


Unlike common armies, mercenaries fight for honour and payment. Mercenaries are courageous people that dare to face the unknown and risk their lives without any government bonds. The Freedom Fighters are a group of mercenaries that fight for liberty, freedom and against oppression in the galaxy, protecting the citizens when threatened with attack. While protecting the people, they never forget the Ferengi rule 34 "war is good for business", everything has a price, and those that can pay, receive the protection of the SRS Freedom Fighters against anything and everything.

Theme: Mercenary, freedom fighters, Maquis, pirate

Motto: Omnia Habet Pretium, Everything has a price

How to Join

Read the description of the fleet and contact Fer (@fergamer#3657) for an invite or ask in SRS Armada Chat

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