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Welcome to the SRS Store

All the clothing and other items for sale here are made to order, please expect to wait a few weeks before they arrive. We use the PayPal system to handle sales securely. You may pay with your PayPal account or with a credit card. Any profits made are sunk straight back into the SRS Fleets for the benefit of all members. Any items that are in stock are sent the next working day. Note, all purchases are handled through our business account which is Timeless Moments Limited. Timeless Moments Ltd is a private limited company with company number 5851279.


Enter Clothing Department


An amazing range of superb fleeces tried and tested over many years to be durable and long lasting. These fleeces are extremely warm and comfortable. The embroidery is second to none and many of the patches which are sewn into the garment have over 30,000 stitches.

Clothing is ordered at the end of the month so add this time to the lead time. It takes a while to get these to you but it's worth the wait.

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